Dear travellers:

The most highly respected guidebooks describe Ría de Vigo and Baiona bay as among the most beautiful in the world. The prestigious British newspaper The Guardian defined the Rodas sands, of the Cíes Islands, as the most beautiful beach on the planet. We know our surroundings are unique and we are proud of them. When beginning to design the LeSept project, we knew beforehand that it was immersed in a paradise that has everything. Or almost everything. You come to our beaches, to enjoy our gastronomy and learn about our customs or for a business meeting. We know you are going to receive a flood of pleasant sensations that will exhaust you. This is the idea behind the LeSept model; seven apartments to rest and enjoy the marvellous views with the maximum privacy and quality that our installations offer. LeSept is a private enclosure with 5,500 square metres of gardens tended by our caretaker service. LeSept has been conceived for you to disconnect, to rest and get back your energy in one of our apartments. The only thing you will not find in our installations is the bustle and crowds of the outside world.

Welcome to LeSept
The Management


Privacy and customer attention: the fenced enclosure occupies more than 5,500 square metres. Private car park.

Installations for resting: Swimming pool measuring 4 x 12.5 metres with deck chairs. Garden area with several tree-shaded spots and corners for reading. The ground floor of the building contains the reception, a lounge with a breakfast area and a TV room.